MSEP007: Genocide EP – Perverse
1. Thalamus
2. Cerberus
3. Mutiny
4. Genocide
5. Neurotic

*Digital Release: 21st May 2012
*Limited Promo CDs available from our online shop!

Continuing our series of artist EP’s we are extremely proud to present the Genocide EP from Aotearoan duo Perverse who have brought their exciting sound to MindStep Music and provided us with a diverse and accomplised 5 track journey.

Introducing the sublow excursion, Thalamus eases in with subtle string pads and a soothing vocal lick creating definite meditational vibes. Cerberus takes a more sinister tone with edgy FX and suspenseful keys creating a solid dark stepper.
The initial calm of Munity‘s intro gives way to a huge rumbling sub line, compounded by rasping bass for the 2nd drop. Title track Genocide delivers more huge bass impact and lurches from hefty kicks to head-caving snare blows and crisp rides with considerable force.
Closing the EP, Neurotic maintains the sparse but spooky feel with brooding, cinematic FX anchored by crisp percussion and signature bass. Exporting their accomplished sound to the UK in 2012, Perverse are definitely ones to watch this year!